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TotalEdit Pro 5.7

Edits texts, code, and programming databases
5.7 (See all)
Edit text files, code sections, and entire databases quickly by browsing content and using SQL queries, as well as the feature called code folding. The utility access data in programming languages such as PHP, C, C++, Java, HTML, ASP, JSP, CSS, etc. UTF-16 Unicode files are also editable.

Edit text, code and databases quickly and easily with TotalEdit Pro the Text Editor for Database Developers.
In addition to the standard features that you get with other text & code editors TotalEdit Pro is a database browsing and sql query tool so you can perform all your text and code editing and database programming from one tool.
Text Editor Features:
Edit many languages including PHP, C , C++, Java, HTML, ASP, JSP, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Python, Perl, Ruby, Pascal and more.

Code Folding allows easy navigation and code editing. The Code Folding feature supports most programming languages including HTML, PHP , and XML as well as C++, Java, Javascript, C#.
Powerful Search Tools enable quick searches for a specific piece of text or search multiple files and folders and list the results. Use FindInFiles to search for text within the file system. Fully customizable, options are available to use regular expressions, search subfolders, match case and much more.
Supports Unicode files. You can edit UTF-16 Unicode files and then save to UTF-8 or vice versa. This is completely seamless; TotalEdit has advanced file detection to automatically identify the type of the file being loaded.
Hex Editor, allows you to 'go low level' and edit files in hexadecimal. Hex and decimal search and 'goto' features are available to navigate files opened with the Hex Editor.
Code Compare: to identify where changes have been made between files. Quickly identify bugs and missed changes.
The Code Backup feature keeps a total history of your saved files, allowing you to recover any earlier version. Completely configurable; change the location of the backups, automatically compare backup versions in 'Code Compare' and select how many backups you want to keep.
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